Hundreds benefit from EduFocal partnership with Fun4Kidz Sanya Richards Fast Track Program

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The Fun4Kidz Sanya Richards Fast Track program, sponsored by USAID Jamaica, has partnered with EduFocal, the new online interactive learning platform for GSAT and CSEC students, to provide full EduFocal membership to hundreds of students spanning five schools. These schools include Holy Trinity High, Tarrant High, Penwood High, Bridgeport High and Waterford High.

The Sanya Richards Fast Track Program is the brainchild of Sanya Richards Ross, Jamaican American Olympic gold medallist, and Andrew Post of the Fun 4 Kidz Foundation. Since its inception in 2007, the program seeks to combine sports with literacy and numeracy in a dynamic and outstanding initiative enjoyed by youth in Richards Ross’ native island home of Jamaica.

EduFocal’s main objective of changing the way GSAT and CSEC students see learning by presenting it in a fun, interactive environment is a great match for the objectives of the Fast Track program. Launched in March 2012, EduFocal has already received endorsement by the Minister of Education, the Honourable Ronald Thwaites who states that ‘Persons in the education industry are tired of the same conventional, ineffective methods of getting information across to students,’ and believes that ‘EduFocal presents a refreshing method of incorporating learning with play.’

The partnership hopes to foster a fruitful relationship between both entities by endorsing and furthering their objectives and assisting in the educational development of the students of the five benefitting schools.


EduFocal is an online interactive learning community offers preparatory questions for the GSAT and CSEC programmes, presented in a manner akin to popular role-playing games (RPG). It is focused on using technology to enrich the learning experience outside of the classroom as well as to help ideate and innovate the way we move forward with technology in education.

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