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CEO’s Speech, EduFocal/Observer Partnership Launch

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EduFocal, a social learning platform for GSAT and CSEC students was incorporated on November 19, 2010. The company was launched on March 15, 2012, a little over 10 months ago at the Jamaica Pegasus.

Today we’re here for another launch, the launch of a partnership between EduFocal Limited and the Jamaica Observer Limited. EduFocal, the first service of its kind in the caribbean to incorporate gaming elements in education has seen a very positive response from the media, students, teachers and other stakeholders. The Observer, with its forward thinking Leader, The Hon. Danville Walker didn’t hesitate to get this partnership off the ground.
Our partnership with the Jamaica Observer will see students being able to access EduFocal for free with the purchase of  a Sunday Observer. The partnership will also see EduFocal expanding its content base to offer not only questions and answers for subjects, but reading content material from the Observer’s popular Study Centre publication. This, with the unique offerings of EduFocal will be beneficial to many students.
I’ve always said that EduFocal was created from a student’s perspective, i.e how a student would want a service to practice for their exams and not how a teacher wants his/her students to practice for their exams.

At 22, I figure that I’m still young enough to understand the needs of a High School student and I dare say, the needs of a GSAT student. Times have changed and children have so many things that are competing for their attention, including video games. Using elements from video games (particularly the concept of leveling up and a leaderboard) and incorporating it into learning has proven to be an effective method of piquing a child’s  interest in learning.

On December 30, 2012 EduFocal and the Observer did a demo campaign. On January 13, 2013 another campaign was initiated. In that short space of time….hundreds of students at both the GSAT and CSEC level have registered to EduFocal and have done over 5,000 tests with a 5-10% test abandonment rate.



Tips for Getting the most out of EduFocal

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EduFocal utilizes gamificiation to make learning fun; the first tool of its kind in the Caribbean. Below are tips that should make your experience on EduFocal much better!

Don’t use calculators: Students are not allowed to use calculators in their GSAT or CSEC (Paper 2 is the exception) exams. Using calculators or any other aid on EduFocal doesn’t help you to grow or improve. Sure, leveling up, winning prizes and being #1 on the leaderboard is fun, but at the end of the day the idea behind the service is to help you improve in a particular subject area or areas and to prepare you for your examinations as best as possible.

Diversification: Don’t stick to one subject, topic or teacher. The more subjects/topics that you do the more experience points you’ll earn. If you attempt to do the same questions repeatedly the amount of experience points you earn at the end of the test will decrease even if your score was high.

Get stuff wrong: You’re practicing for your exam, but EduFocal isn’t your exam. Don’t be afraid to try different topics ( even topics you’re not familiar with) and get questions wrong. Getting things wrong is the best way to learn.

Don’t guess your answers: Guess too many questions and you’ll lose experience points. Our system is pretty smart and can tell 🙂 And it’s getting smarter!

Finally, have fun!

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