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2019 – The Year in Review

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The EduFocal Team 2020


It is almost the end of 2019 and It has been an exciting Journey for EduFocal. After a year of transition, growth, relationship building and faith, EduFocal has managed to remain on top while living and expanding our mantra “Making Learning FUN” with the merge of technology and education.

With the implementation of the Primary Exit Profile (PEP) which replaces the Grade Six Achievement Test, the company had a lot of work to do during this transitional period. Ideally, PEP assess students’ knowledge, in addition to, placing increased emphasis on assessing students’ demonstration of the 21st-century skills, for eg. critical thinking, communication, collaboration and creativity. As such, the EduFocal Platform was revamped and in no time #PEPREADY to make learning fun with the new exams in town. Did we mention that EduFocal Limited is approved and endorsed by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Information? Yes, that was a big step for EduFocal in order to contribute to higher and better quality education in Jamaica. EduFocal in all spheres embodies goal number 4 of the UNDP Sustainable Development Goals, i.e. QUALITY EDUCATION.  Though PEP is new, EduFocal has and still is putting in the work to ensure that our platform can change lives while introducing new strategies to learning outside of the classroom.

In ending 2019, EduFocal closes the year with over 100% increase in staff count. EduFocal is on to something greater than ever before. The company exited its birthplace, and now occupies a new space where ideas unfold and memories are being created. As the team settles in their new space, EduFocal has crafted and designed how the EduFocal work culture should be. Why not be utmost comfortable while getting work done, maximizing on one’s skills and most of all MAKING EDUFOCAL A GREAT PLACE TO WORK. 

The year 2020 is fast approaching and more than ever, EduFocal is excited to continue on its path of success and being a game-changer. In the meantime, The EduFocal Team would like to wish all our stakeholders – students, parents, principals, sponsors, partner schools, Members of Parliament – A Merry Christmas and an amazing New Year! 

– Tia Facey, Office Adminstrator

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