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Broadening our Horizons with Versan

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Hello, everyone!
Exciting news from EduFocal! Our students will be pleased to know that EduFocal is now partnering with Versan Educational Services to bring you SAT prep questions. Anyone looking to apply to college abroad will now have the edge of using EduFocal and Versan to study for their SATs!
Versan Educational Services is a company that has been operating in Jamaica for over 20 years, helping students in the Caribbean and all over the world to achieve their goals of getting to some of the top Universities in the United States. They have a strong history of guiding and supporting students on the road to Ivy League Education. Their specialized team of SAT tutors will provide the questions that students need in order to prepare. Their reputation and experience with SAT preparation coupled with EduFocal’s fun and challenging programme will give you the ultimate advantage.
Look out for more info on the EduFocal-Versan partnership soon. We’ll be ready for you in the new school year!

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