About EduFocal

EduFocal is a young and innovative technology company, devoted to enriching students’ learning experience.  EduFocal was founded by a visionary entrepreneur,  22 year -old Gordon Swaby. EduFocal has created an intuitive product that isn’t only cool and fun to use but also boosts students comprehension and retention skills.  EduFocal’s mission is to become the premier social learning platform in the Caribbean.


About the Founder

Gordon’s story is an interesting one. At 14, he created his first major website, and at 15, he created, perhaps the largest gaming website in the English speaking Caribbean, the now-defunct advance-gamers.com.  Since then, he has built websites for the Press Association of Jamaica, Coastal Steel Construction, the largest steel company in Northwestern Ontario, and the Bethune Dubois Institute, a nonprofit organization built to sustain the legacies of two great American Lecturers- Dr Mary McLeod and Dr W.E.B. Dubois. He also started his own programming, concept and design company, Iconictouch. Gordon is the muscle and marketing mind behind the operation.



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