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With an average of 93% in the recent GSAT sitting, Jada-Marie heads to the Ardenne High School in September. This dancing Math lover dreams of being a surgeon. She is inspired by the words of Nelson Mandela when he said,”Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” In her own words, EduFocal has helped her to bring her philosophy to life. While acknowledging how EduFocal has changed the lives of students preparing for GSAT and CSEC, she finds that it has changed her own life.
“When I started grade 6, I disliked Science very much. I started to use EduFocal as part of my GSAT preparations,especially for Science. I noticed that my interest and knowledge of this subject grew more and more each day as I utilized the resources that were made available to me. After using EduFocal, Science became like second nature. I am now a more rounded student, having a better understanding of all my subject areas.”
┬áHave a look at this world changer’s dream for Jamaica:
“It’s my hope that Jamaica will become a better place. I would like to see us export more and import less so that we can reduce our debts. Also, I would like to see more programs like EduFocal being introduced to assist students to prepare for exams so that they can perform better in school and not turn to crime. This will help to lower our crime rate. I would also like the government to improve our road not just in tourist areas but in rural and urban residential areas. In addition to this, I would like for there to be more job opportunities for persons to become gainfully employed. Finally, I would like us as a country to take greater pride in our surroundings and reduce pollution by property disposing of garbage and waste.”
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